God Girl

D.O.R.K. = Daughter of the Risen King

I want to be like the moon, reflecting the light of the Son.

Hi! I’m Hannah Paguila and I’m grounded by grace. Being a writer, a photographer, and a musician are my greatest passions. But there is no greater passion that I have than God. Knowing that I’m good at what I love doing, it’s hard to keep your feet planted on the ground. That’s why I always pray to God that He will remind me that if it weren’t for Him, I won’t be where I am today.

Sailing through the world, anchored in Christ. A heart full of love. Of higher purpose. Made to worship. Striving to become a Proverbs 31 woman and a girl after God’s own heart.

I want to become the person God has planned me to be and I don’t want to miss out the calling He has for me – a worship leader, Spiritual sister, Christ-centered individual by the grace of God.

Currently studying BA Broadcast Communication at University of the Philippines Diliman.

This blog is for giving glory to God and for making Him known.

“In everything I do, all the praise goes out to You.”


3 thoughts on “God Girl

    1. Kuya Niel! I’m not sure if we’ve met personally, pero taga LB ako dati! Nung freshie ako, 2011. Used to attend at Victory LB on Thursdays. I follow you on Tumblr (I’m livingpalindrome.tumblr.com). Kaso nowadays, mas dito na ako. 😀

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