Oftentimes when we’re faced with trials we pray and ask God, “Lord, what would be my next step?”

We expect answers like “do this”, or “speak about that, or “go there.” We anticipate that God will command us to do active actions. We ready ourselves to have a response to whatever we’re facing which requires our hands to do work. Hands on.

It’s easy to obey God’s command when we’re given a specific call to action. But how about when God tells us to “be still?” It’s different from being told to speak in front of a congregation or go serve in the mission field. We’re being told to stay put. “Be still” equals “hands off.”

Personally, I’ve been facing trials in almost every aspect of my life — work (I’m employed!), undergraduate thesis (yup, still working on earning that degree), family, relationships, and health (mental health to be exact). With the amount of the mountains I’m facing, I’d rather God command me to act on them head on. Yet, He has other plans.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

Knowing my personality, being still is the last option on my list of how I’d resolve problems. I’m Headstrong Hannah — when things don’t go the way I think they should be, I take matters into my own hands. I would do something and not just stay put. So being told to “be still” is not the easiest for me.

Although my hands don’t get to do active work, “be still” is still a command. Being told to “be still” is a practice on obedience.

Would you still obey Him when what we’re told to do is to (in a way but not entirely) do nothing at all and wait on the Lord?

God told me through four different media to “be still.” I think that’s suffice proof that it’s what He wants me to do. A command is still a command, whether it is a call to action or a call to take a step back and let God be God. Honor God through trials. Look to Him. Dwell in His presence. Know that He is in control even when our life feels like it’s falling apart.

The waves and wind still know His name.



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