In the world’s eyes, I have all the reason to be angry with God. It’s acceptable if I were to just have an outburst and say, “God, why me? Why now? I’m already delayed by a year, why delay me again?!”

But I’m not angry with Him.

Yes, I don’t understand why certain things happen. I don’t have all the right answers. Isn’t that what faith is all about?

When I surrendered my life to Christ, I laid down all my plans and dreams. I said that I will not hold anything back from Him. He holds my every moment. A life of faith is an unconventional life. 

My journey to one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines and in it had always been a testament of faith. I got in University of the Philippines by faith – I never applied to other universities, only to UP. It was a long shot but I got in. We were struggling with our finances yet I was able to stay in school. Lots of times that it was grace and faith that sustained me. I trusted God then, why shouldn’t I trust Him now? After five years of showing His faithfulness, why should I falter?

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. Yet in those moments, I never doubted God. I doubted myself, but never God. He surrounded me with loving people who are there for me even in my stormiest days.

My trust is without borders. He’s taking me deeper than my feet could ever wander. He makes everything beautiful in its time.


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