“When He tells us to love our enemies, He gives, along with the command, the love itself.” – Corrie Ten Boom

In one verse in the Bible, it is said to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). In another, it is said to love our neighbors as ourselves ( Matthew 22:39). Why the variation? Not all our neighbors are agreeable and are worthy of love. We may choose to love some of the people around us because we agree with their ideas, share the same belief, we have common ground with them to simply put it. The others? Simply ignore them, if not explicitly show our dislike.

So God had to be specific. “Love your enemies.” The problem is we don’t do much of the love part. Jesus didn’t command, “be passive around your enemies and simply tolerate them”. No. LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

Love is something that is in the active voice. It is a verb. When you love someone, you show it to them.You try your best to make the people you love feel that love. You don’t just sit around, stare at them, and expect that they’ll just get that you love them. In love, you do something about it. So, are we willing to love our enemies that way?

Love is God. That’s why when He gave this command, He knew it’s one that’s hard to keep. He wants us to come near to Love Himself and hang on to His word. We could try to work things on our own and believe that what we’re doing or showing to our enemies is enough to pass as love. Yet, we’ll always fall short. What we need is genuine love – a love so active and powerful that it will not only transform our enemies, but ourselves as well.

Our idea of love can never measure up to God’s idea of it. He came down to earth and humbled Himself to humans just to prove how much His love is. Even at the hands of persecutors Jesus, God in earthly form, still thought of everyone. He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. Amazing love.

With the love of God in us, and the knowledge of how vast it is, we can learn to genuinely love those who are unlovely to us. For we were unlovely and unworthy yet God loved us anyway. Let us keep in mind this: God’s love is so immeasurable that it will overflow to the people around us



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