Today marks the first time I’ve led our Bible study in campus. It was a first and I am so grateful to the Lord for always going ahead of me.

God brings us to wherever we are because He has a plan for us. He places us in certain schools, offices, situations at precise times, days, weeks, months, and years, and meet certain people. And what He has planned for us, the task given to us can only be fulfilled by us. So I know that there is a reason why He put me in University of the Philippines Diliman campus and take Broadcast Communication. I know that He commissioned us to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Which means that that’s my main task and my battlefield/mission field is UP Diliman.

I’m guessing that all over the world, the university scene is one of the most interesting and most difficult places to discuss God in. There are a lot of people with their own kind of faith or whatever belief system that arguments can’t be avoided sometimes. Naturally, the moment I realized what I was entering, I felt apprehensive and a bit scared. So having a solid Bible study group started was a real challenge.

After many shaky attempts at starting one, with the help of my cell group leader, I had my current,regular Bible study group in the middle of last semester. There were only three of us then – me, my cell leader, and one of my friends named Cate. We meet up at a KFC outside campus mainly because (1) my cell leader is taking her Master’s degree at Ateneo De Manila University which is nearer and (2) after the shaky attempts inside campus, I felt I didn’t have the guts too take the group in for now. Ate Jev, my cell leader, led the Bible study. I was too caught up with my apprehensions that I failed to trust God in that area.

Over the break, our church held a youth conference about campus ministry. We’ve learned and were reminded that the point of having a BS group is for that the Body of Christ to grow. It doesn’t have to be instantaneous, but  our small BS groups should grow. We were encouraged to keep on improving our BS groups and invite friends. It wasn’t for our benefit, it was for the fulfillment of God’s command.

Our second semester just started and the Bible study group is still to be continued. With the encouragement from the youth conference, I had the courage to invite another friend to our Bible study and she said she’ll give it a try. So I was excited. But then Ate Jev had an appointment so she can’t come. It was all up to me. I was nervous. The last time I tried handling on my own, it didn’t go as planned. This is where faith kicks in the most. Am I gonna cower? Or am I going to trust God on this?

Since Ate Jev couldn’t come, Cate and I met up at our college’s canteen. My other friend couldn’t come because she had to go to her relatives. I thought that things wouldn’t turn out well as the previous time did. Unexpectedly, one of our other friends sat at our table. I told her what we’re doing and joined in. It was a very wonderful experience. I delivered the Word and both of them were all ears. Our topic was how David looked on God and not Goliath, and his faith that helped him defeat Goliath. We tried connecting it to our own lives.  They participated actively, too. I praise God for that. Now I wonder, what reason do I have to be afraid all this time?


We ended with prayer, of course. I was aware that other students could hear us. But I’m not scared anymore. Isn’t being heard doing what God commanded the point? How would people know of the goodness of God if there’s no one they could approach?

All went better than expected. All went really well.

Our other friend – her name is Crescens – said that she’d like to go again and invite our other friends! Wow. It’s overwhelming, but good overwhelming.

All praises go to God!


God goes before us wherever He had called us. When He guides, He provides. All we have to do is listen to His instruction. There are a lot more Bible study meet-ups going to happen in the future, and not all may go as smoothly. Yet with God, there isn’t a thing that can’t be handled. With God, I am prepared.



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