Pieces by Meredith Andrews

Some of the song’s lyrics that struck me and made this song fit for what I’m going through right now:

“It’s a complex puzzle you call your life
It’s an uphill climb, it’s a constant fight
And it wears you down” – verse

“When you give Him your wounds, your bruised and broken pieces
All your questions, all your secrets
You don’t have to hide who you are
You belong to someone greater
Than all your past mistakes and failures
Rested who He is
He knows how to make your pieces fit” Chorus

This is what I’ve been feeling – confused, betrayed, broken, sad. It’s not about something I did. It’s something about family, well, not my immediate family. We’re well. It’s about the people around us who I thought we trusted. But no one’s perfect. And God doesn’t let things happen for no reason. So I’m just holding on. I trust God will know what to do with the jigsaw pieces that I’m in.


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