“But you be strong. Do not lose strength of heart. For you will be paid for your work.” 2 Chronicles 15:7 New Life Version

Whenever we are starting on something, we will always experience downsides. We can’t be good at something immediately. We still need to learn and commit mistakes. These mistakes help us prepare for the harder situations to come.

Earlier today, I had a mini Bible study with one of my high school best friends. I really thought I was ready to answer whatever question she may ask, but I wasn’t able to give her clear answers. Instead of clearing up her confusion, I only puzzled her more.

Right now I feel a bit disheartened, but I understand that God let’s these things happen for me to grow. How can I handle a bigger group if I have troubles with one? And how am I going to face the more challenging questions if I myself have no learning point?

Bit by bit, as I walk more intimately with God, I’ll become more effective in sharing His Word and truth. Step by step. Stage by stage.

Do not worry if you fail at first, because at least you tried. Trying and failing is better than doing nothing at all. But from failures, it is important that we learn from them and not to repeat them.

Dear God, I may not be as prepared as I thought I was, but I’m holding on to you. I will not lose heart and give up. Give me strength everyday. I give up any hindrances that are in my heart. Lord, I know that for me to fulfill Your will, I need to go through certain challenges. I may not know much now, but I know that when You bring me to something, You will bring me through it. May I be used for your glory and for your kingdom.

In Jesus’ Name,



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